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  Good day,first things first, i hope your day was as lovely and educative as mine? Everyday i learn new things, new information, new ideas. i meet new people, both fun, loving and crazy. And today was no exception. I got up this morning a little late than usual, had my plans for the day but i decided i was going to head to the office first and decide what next; so i took the bus. I got to the first bus stop in which i had to take another bus to the next stop. I got down from the bus and hoped to get the next bus immediately but that was far from being so. I waited for an hour thirty minutes under the sun for the next bus. During my wait i decided to take a sit under the shade rather than stand under the sun. Luckily for me or i did better say i was privileged to get a free sit and i sat there. Few minutes after i was sited a man walked to the bus stop with his son; and came under the shade; the sits where filled, he had no where to sit so he had to stand with his son. I took a closer look at the little boy of about seven (7) to ten (10) years of age and i noticed he was weak. I was touched to give him a sit next to me,but the thought of Ebola came in (What! why now?). 


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